Taprite Primary Regulator

Taprite Primary Regulator

Taprite Primary Regulator

This low-pressure regulator is compatible with any CO2 tank equipped with a CGA-320 valve, which features a male thread. The regulator, on the other hand, has a female thread. It has dual gauges that measure the psi output pressure and the volume of CO2 left in the cylinder. The front knob can be used to adjust the output pressure, while the red polycarbonate bonnet is durable and will not fade, break, or chip. The regulator has a non-adjustable shut down built into the body, and the high-pressure ports feature left-hand female threads to prevent their use as a low-pressure outlet.

The non-removable adjusting screw has a maximum downstream delivery pressure of 50psi, with a safety blow off at 60psi, ensuring safe use. Additionally, an internal relief valve opens whenever the delivery pressure exceeds the set pressure by 15psi, which acts as a warning that the seat or diaphragm may be worn or damaged and should be replaced.

To prevent dirt and other particles from damaging internal regulator parts, the inlet nipple features a sintered metal flow control filter, while the permanent Quad-Ring Seal on the inlet nipple eliminates the need for a new fiber washer each time the tank is changed, thus avoiding a source of leaks. The outlet has an NADS 1600C shutoff, which eliminates gas leaks, and the duckbill check valve prevents product back up into the regulator, which is a common cause of malfunction in the regulating and relief valve parts.

The hose barb end is designed for use with 5/16 inch I.D. pressure tubing. All regulators are pressure tested to ensure reliability in the field, and the seat assembly is easily replaceable without removing the regulator from the tank. The low-pressure gauge, located on the top of the regulator, indicates the output pressure to the keg, and the low-pressure regulator allows for an adjustable pressure from 1 to 50psi. The high-pressure gauge, located on the side, indicates the remaining CO2 tank pressure. This regulator is assembled and tested in the USA.

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